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About Us

Founded in 2017, VR | AR | MR is the world’s fastest-growing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Company. We design and develop XR content for global brands. We have a passionately skilled team comprises of 3D artists, designers, animators, and developers. 

VR | AR | MR has a vision of imparting cutting- edge immersive technology to boost brand presence, employee training & education, to increase sales, and marketing, in providing remote assistance, and in data visualization. 

We believe by deploying XR technology to help your organization to generate substantial revenue, increase productivity & improve safety to foster economic performance.



InfyMaker Award


Gurugram Achiever


Melting Pot
Young Innovator Award


3D Assets Creation

We have the expertise to convert any image or physical object into the Hyper-realistic 3D model.

Animation & VFX

We master in 3D, 2D Animation & VFX, Animation provides the ability to simulate the environment for the user to make it immersive and interactive. 

360° VR

360° Videos also known as 3DVR and Stereoscopic VR use multiple cameras in a custom array that captures video from 360 degrees. We create high quality cinematic 360° experiences.

AR Development

We specialize in designing and developing AR applications to provide an immersive way to interact with digital information within a user’s field of view  – including voice control, head motion, hand gestures, and touch.

VR Development

We specialize in designing and developing VR immersive experiences and computer-simulated environments. Virtual Reality mimics physical presence in the real world or imagined world and it allows users to interact with the world.


We create Web AR/VR enabled websites that provides a new way to experience the features and product details. It provides an ability to get immersed in the website and interact with it more effectively.

Why VR/AR ?

Reduce time, costs, and risks associated with training by providing real-world simulations proven to increase retention and engagement.

Bring engineering and design concepts to life, and improve planning processes, reduce errors, strengthen teamwork and bring a whole new dimension to stakeholder engagement.

Build trust with buyers, improve analysis, and lead the market above all by deploying the latest cutting-edge immersive technology with your product.

“Virtual Reality is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life.”
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook.

Working Domain

We don’t compromise with quality and integrity of our work. We overcome our barriers and supersede all expectations to meet the needs of our client.

Electronics & Appliances

Skill your service technician with effective & efficient AR training, reduce time & provide remote assistance anytime anywhere.

Real Estate

Engage your potential customers with stunning hyper-realistic premium experience anywhere anytime using VR. Boost your sales, improve decision making and increase customer satisfaction.


VR makes medical training experiential and reduce cost & time. VR provides a convenient & immersive diagnosis, prevention & treatment solution. It increases patient satisfaction and motivates them.


Make learning experiential and provide students a world-class education through VR and develop creativity, design-thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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Development Center : NIT, Faridabad,
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